Blogging in Louisville

Blogging in Louisville. The Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal as a generally good piece on blogs, which I interviewed for a couple weeks ago:

In stereotypical Internet fashion, the man behind the blogging fad is an unassuming college dropout from Nebraska, all of 28 years old and largely self-taught in the ways of computer code.

Evan Williams didn't invent the blog, just as Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile, but you have to give Williams a lot of the credit for bringing blogs to the masses.

After moving to Silicon Valley in 1997 to get into the dot-com gold rush, Williams and a couple of partners formed a company called Pyra Labs to develop software for businesses. They raised some money from venture capitalists, rented space in a converted San Francisco warehouse and started writing code.

Wellll... If I moved here to get into the dot-com gold rush, I really picked a stupid place to start working. And it was originally one partner, not a couple -- and one needs to give all my former partners credit for bringing blogs to the masses, as well (though, as far as I'm concerned, blogs are not to the masses yet), since they were more bullish on Blogger than I for a long time. Oh, and the investors weren't really venture capitalists, and it's not a converted warehouse. But, oh shoot, close enough.