I've been doing a tremendous amount of thinking about email lately -- my love/hate relationship with it and how tools should work to make it better (for me, at least). Unfortunately, I don't have time to write about my non-conclusions yet. Let alone, build the solutions I'm picturing, which is what I'd really love to do.

On a related sidenote: That annoying feature in Outlook 10 beta I wrote about? The one that warned me that some program was trying to access my address book every time I clicked on an email? Well, it's still happening, but I've found it may not be caused by Outlook itself. In fact, perhaps I owe Outlook and apology and thank-you (perhaps); the feature might be working properly. Anil suggested the outside progralm might be ICQ Outlook integration. I was running that on another machine, but not the one I'm having trouble with. However, he probably makes a good point in looking outside Outlook. I'm not seeing the behavior on another computer, where I just did a fresh install of Win2k and Office 10. And the one I am having trouble with has had so many programs installed and "uninstalled," there's bound to something still sitting around spying on me. It may be time for a rebuild.