Greetings from Copenhagan! It's 7:00 AM on Tuesday here. I would have posted yesterday, but I thought my site was down. For some reason, I can't get to it through this dial-up connection. Apparently there's some sort of routing problem between ATTGlobal and out office ISP. Anyway, greeting from Copenhagen!

After a long, but not terribly uncomfortable flight, we arrived here at 3:30 on Sunday afternoon. We went to our hotel, then had a lovely walk and dinner with our hosts. Here are pictures from day one.

Yesterday was fabulous. After getting plenty of sleep, Cami and I explored all over the city. Copenhagen is an amazing and beautiful mesh of new and old. We went on a canal ride, and to the top of this amazing 17th century church, which the view from was breathtaking, and I bought some really great shoes, and some five-dollar sunglasses in the hash market. No pictures from day two, yet.