Because income is good. I just implemented the first-ever advertising on Woo-hoo. And, of all things, for a blog (/newsletter). I'm sorta nervous about it. After not doing it for so long, it seems like a bigger deal than it actually is. I was never totally against the idea. Just against annoying/ugly things cluttering up the pages, which is what most web advertising is. Kept clean, neat, and relevant, I think web advertising can work for all involved (and by "work," I don't mean we're going to go hire an editorial staff and throw a launch party with the millions of dollars now coming). And despite the bottoming of the online ad market, a case could be made the the Blogger crowd is a highly valuable (i.e., buzz facilitating) one to talk to—assuming you have something they want to talk about (i.e., no B.S.—or, at least, entertaining B.S.).