In other news: The Webby Awards are tonight. Heard of those? Yes, I've convinced myself why Blogger won't win, so I hope to be level-headed about it. Though, as the guy I was talking to on Cnet Radio earlier said -- you can tell yourself you won't win and you don't care, but no matter what, you'll be sitting on pins and needles when your category is called. Humbly, I must say, from my experience at two other, much smaller, awards shows that we didn't win, that is probably true. Nevertheless, it should be a fun evening. If you care, you can maybe catch me for a couple minutes on the Sam Donaldson-hosted webcast beforehand. I'm also suppose to do an interview "on the red carpet" for TechTV. Now, I guess I should go and get my pants pressed. They're spandex, but I still like a good crease.