Carhenge. At a dinner or a bar (or, maybe it was a train?) a while back, I was telling some people about our proud Nebraskan landmark, Carhenge. Here is the Official Carhenge Web Site: "Just north of Alliance Nebraska, along Highway 87, stands a replication of Stonehenge, England's ancient mystical alignment of stones that chart the sun and moon phases. Stonehenge stands alone on a plain in England. Carhenge, created from vintage American made automobiles, towers over the plains of Nebraska." And for those who don't believe it, here is "Yes, yet another Carhenge page!" (Turns out, there are lots of them. Who knew?) In a way, I feel oddities of the American landscape like Carhenge are better left unrevealed to the casual web surfer, their mysteries and wonderment saved for the adventurous and for stories at the bar, which the listener is never quite sure are true. Then again, how would you know you need to pack up right now and drive to Alliance, Nebraska, if it weren't for the web revealing such things? Ahh, 'tis a double-edged dagger, eh?