Dvorak will blog.

John Dvorak: "...I will do a blog or two. Despite the fact that I seem critical of this phenomenon, I am, in fact, supportive. It's just the nutty aspects that annoy me. Also there is a belief that these people are pioneers. I have one more column coming up where I take some of these pioneering notions to task as well as some other over-used commonplaces. And, yes, this is something of an attention-getting exercise. Somebody has to do it." I actually met with John yesterday, and he said essentially that. Though I was annoyed by his Cluetrain attack and his piece before that characterized blogs rather simplistically and by ignoring the highest-quality examples (and will probably be annoyed by his next piece), he's actually more supportive than you would think. It's his style to get attention by ruffling feathers. I think his attention in this world will be a positive thing, even if not all his words are. Whatever the case, his blog probably won't be boring. <via pirillo.exe>

Dave: " I'll feel awkward pointing to Dvorak's blog, when it appears, knowing that he's treated these good people [Cluetrain authors] in such a shabby way."