Make Inconvenient More Convenient

An Inconvenient Truth is out on DVD. It's a very powerful film. As many people as possible should see it.

Here's an idea: Whoever owns the rights to it (Paramount? Al?), if they really want it to have maximum impact, should allow copying and redistribution of the movie for free. Then Netflix should make copies, en masse, and allow you to go on their site and order copies to be mailed to your friends and relatives in the midwest (where it never played in theaters and probably doesn't get talked much about) for cost—which can't be more than a buck or two, given Netflix's efficiencies.

Netflix would get goodwill and free marketing and the film makers have already made their money back and would have more impact.

Granted, the profits from the film are said to be going to the cause of further climate -change education, but it seems much more efficient to give up those profits at this point and allow maximum distribution.