Bit Preservation

Bit Preservation. I gotta remember to fire up that cd-writer now and the and burn everything in my immediate purview. I just came across a cd in my desk drawer that contains a bunch of my web stuff created back around 1996. Most of it is far too embarrassing/uninteresting (it's almost all just beginnings of unfinished projects) to display here, of course. But I'm glad I have it. That would never be the case if I'd relied on harddrive storage or some other rewritable/crashable/losable mechanism, which have been the fate of so many never-to-be-remembered digital creations over the years. Here is a funny little logo I created shortly after I decided to use the name Evhead (which was given to me by a hired hand on my dad's farm) for my ventures. (Found in the source: "This document was created with HTMLed32")