I knew that would cause a bunch of emails pointing me to interesting, related things. Here's a couple:

  • Roundup: A Simple and Effective Issue Tracker in Python. The open-source route. I've heard good things about this before. Will have to check it out some day soon.
  • eGain Email. The expensive, enterprise route.
  • i3 messaging application. Something new in the works, using Jabber and Mozilla.
  • Talisma. In the eGain category, it appears. I'm told it's cheaper, though. Unfortunately, you can't tell because they're both still in that we-can't-publish-our-prices-on-the-web (let alone let out customers sign up for service) mentality. I want self-serve!
  • Quintus (was Mustang). Christoph Berendes writes:

    The Internet Message Center (IMC ) - Business Edition, which we're using in our biz to handle 4300 incoming email messages/mo, does something very similar -- the aliasing part, though not the webified mail list part. As far as I can tell, it's not made anymore - though we've got it licensed till June 01

    It was created by Mustang Software, who sold out to Quintus Corp last year, and Quintus just recently sold out to someone else (I lose track). I think they're now fixed on something Bigger, which is a shame.

    Looks like this might be the current incarnation.

    Tangent Rant: Both eGain and Quintus offer datasheets about their products in only one format: PDF. What the hell is up with that? I'm all for making things look good, but do they actually think hindering people's access to their product info is going to help them sell stuff? The Quintus one wouldn't even load on my machine. I got an Acrobat error. Oh, Quintus also has a Flash demo, for which you have to fill out a form and give them your contact info. Not good signs.

    Tangent Thought: TangentRant would be a good name for a blog. Maybe. Ya know, if all you wanted to do was rant. On tangents. It's available.

  • Paul from SalesForce.com says they're close.
  • Kana is yet another of these eCRM solutions, or whatever they're called, which a couple people have emailed about.