My Web Sites on MSN?

My Web Sites on MSN? Interesting. Office 2000 had the Save-to-Web feature, of course, but you had to know the location and a login for a server that had FrontPage Extensions or whatever in order to use it. XP solves that problem by giving every user their own web site automatically (well, every Passport user -- which is something like 50 million people already, or you can sign up). And they integrate it into the UI of the OS like so and so, making it brain-dead easy. (Unfortunately the hosting service doesn't look like it's ready for prime time.) From what it looks like, it's more web storage than web site, since there's no CMS or integration between the files. But it's interesting, nonetheless. Will it be free? Will it have ads? What features will it have? Is it using WebDav? Can you plug other hosts into this framework? So many questions... (Argh! And I told you I didn't have time to play around with this stuff!) Oh, one more thing: when you Save As Web Page in Office XP, you get an option for a new file type, called Web Page, Filtered, which supposedly strips out any MS-specific stuff. (Though, I'm sure HTML Tidy might still be useful.)