Random doodlings become corporate logo?

The artwork of a five-year-old?

...or a sad symbol of the pressures created by the dot-com shakeout? According to inside sources and pure speculation, iSyndicate, which once raised upwards of $55 million from partners such as News Corp. and Microsoft, has clamped down on spending to the degree that they didn't want to spring for a design firm to come up with their new look. In a regretful act of frustration, CEO Joel Maske picked up a Post-it note one of his employees had been doodling on during a sales call and declared it the new logo for the company. His executives, not wanting to debate over anything not directly affecting their mission-critical task of generating revenue by providing "infrastructure and technology to efficiently aggregate, distribute and share digital information within private networks" didn't challenge the declaration. What's next to go? Copywriting?