Scope this out.

Scope this out. BetaNews reports about, "a new Internet browser hitting the net dubbed Scope. What makes Scope unique is its ability to show you what the same Web page looks like when rendered by both the Mozilla and IE engines. Using a simple tab interface it allows developers to check both simultaneously without having to load several programs all at once." Very interesting. It occurred to me that this could be done a few years ago (when Mozilla went opensource). My full idea was a browser specifically created for web designer/developers, for which this would be one of the features. I actually think you could sell such a browser, properly done. (Integrate it with the right tools and sell it to Macromedia for bundling.) Scope, unfortunately, doesn't quite seem to be going in that direction, from what I garner from the site (though, I haven't tried it). In general, there is a lot of interesting things that could be done in the area of "specialized browsers" that incorporate the IE (and/or gecko) rendering engines. Neoplanet was an interesting start, but seemed to focus too much on skins and gloss, rather than utility, to be really intersting.