Another Pointless Survey Dept.: Workers mired in e-mail wasteland. I like how in the subhead ("Employees waste nearly an hour a day managing work e-mails, according to a new survey.") work email = waste of time. If that's the case, why not get rid of it all together? Was there any systems thinking applied to this at all? (I.e., does some of this email cut down on much more time that would be spent in meetings, voicemail, or walking to the other building to ask someone a question?) If people (the high-level ones, at least) weren't spending more than 49 minutes per day managing e-mail, I'd be worried that they're probably calling way to many damn meetings. I do agree that IM, bulletin boards, and other net-based communication is more appropriate than email for certain tasks, but in the large companies I've been in, they're not that far along. I can just see some vice president of BigCo hearing about this survey and deciding that all email needs manager approval.
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