I don't really like to add to the dot-com death coverage (well, maybe a little), but since I've sorta followed iSyndicate in the past, I can't not point to this astounding near-end to their saga: Dotcom Scoop: Making Noise: "...Richard Byrne Reilly's piece on Monday that stated iSyndicate was in talks to be acquired by Screaming Media (last item). The kicker, the acquisition price would be a measly $7 million. My sources close to Screaming Media indicate the two companies are in 'desperate talks. iSyndicate is floundering. This is beyond a fire sale.' One source said that iSyndicate is prepared to cut half of its staff for the second time in less than two weeks (Red Herring indicated there may be more layoffs as well). This would leave the company with forty-something employees, one-quarter of what it had at the end of 2000. $7 million for a company backed by $97 million in financing is a joke. Especially if you consider NBC, Bertlesmann, News Corp., Microsoft and Vignette are investors, not to mention some well-respected venture capital firms. I think if the deal does go down, it will be closer to $5 million." Ouch. My sources close to iSyndicate (I just like saying that) don't think the deal will happen at all and that bankruptcy is the most likely outcome for the company.