Day Eight. I'm writing this from a huge Internet cafe in Amsterdam -- easyEverything. It's orange. They're all over. The food is not very good here (in Amsterdam, I mean -- or Denmark, for that matter. Perhaps we're spoiled in SF or just have strange tastes. I dunno.) Other than that, it's cool. Fun and good conversation last night at dinner w/Dave Winer, Marc Canter, Adam Curry, and a gaggle of thoughtful European bloggers. Then off to the wildness of the night that is this crazy place. Was going to go to London today, but decided to stay another night (since we now have a decent hotel. The city filled up yesterday, and we were forced into hotel "Flipper," which, basic.) I have lots and lots of pictures. Unfortunately, tiny computer and expensive/slow Internet connections (and busyness... and laziness...) keep me from posting any yet. Perhaps soon.