Fortune on Personal Publishing: "sdfgsdfg" Today's Valley Talk email from had the title "Free to be Mezines," but there was no actual article in it. So, interested in what they were talking about, despite the email snafu, I went to their site to find the web version. On the home page I found the lead-in for Valley Talk: "While online content plays continue to struggle for profits, a growing group of writers are finding personal publishing may also make for good business." Unfortunately, the article wasn't quite so intriguing. (Sreenshot in case it's changed.) I wonder what they're implying?

UPDATE: Here is a URL that works (and, unfortunately, the previous one no longer says "sdfgsdfg"). It's an interesting piece about professional journalists who have put up their own sites as an adjunct to their paid gigs — and some are even making their own sites pay: "'This is almost a completely viable business model to be a journalist supporting yourself,' [Mickey Kaus] says. 'We're maybe two months away--as long as you don't expect to get rich.'"