Goodbye Winamp. Needed to do some ripping, so I upgraded my old copy of
Musicmatch Jukebox to 6.0 (the Plus version -- $20 + $30 if you want lifetime upgrades, which I accidentally opted for). Very nice. I used to only use it for ripping and still Winamp for playing, but I'm digging the Jukebox part of Musicmatch Jukebox. Winamp got a little overwhelmed when I loaded my entire library (~4000 songs) into the playlist, making it damn hard to browse through it. MMJB handles them all fine, organizing them by album, genre (if properly tagged) etc. Another thing: It has a better interface. I never understood why Winamp had to be so damn small. Perhaps it made sense if you wanted to have it always on top, but that's just distracting to me. Lastly, it has what look to be some interesting radio controls built in, for when you get tired of your own collection, and recommendations, based on what you listen to, and other stuff I haven't fully investigated yet. Fun.