Greetings from Amsterdam! Yes, we are back on the air. You never know how vulnerable you are until you go to Europe and your ISP cuts off your web site, plus 70,000 other sites you host, one of the core pieces of your business (BlogSpot, NewsBlogger...), friends' and associates' sites (MetaFilter, megnut, BlogVoices, and many more...), your email server (don't try mailing me or -- still works, though), and, in fact, your entire office, filled with a dozen servers (including any data you left there, confident you could get to). And to think I came to Europe to relax! Well, things are getting back to normal. And perhaps it's a good thing I'm in Europe, or I may have exploded by now. That may still happen when I get back and get to the bottom of this thing. I want to refrain from making too much noise about it until I find out exactly what happened and what on Earth the explanation can possibly be. But I can't imagine any acceptable excuse. For now, reboot, which was a blast, but somewhat exhausting, is over, sites are back online (some of them), and I'm going to attempt to enjoy my vacation.