I just got back from CNN, where I did an interview for a show called CNNdotCOM (thanks for find the link, Lawrence). I had to look at this retro test-pattern picture of a lady that was stacked on a pile of books on a chair and pretend I was talking to her, while I was really talking to the woman on the speakerphone in Atlanta. At one point, she must have put me on hold, because the radio or something started coming through the phone in the middle of one of my answers and kinda tripped me up. I'm sure I was dorky. As I came out of the studio and into the lobby, who do I see but PeterMe, who's apparently also going to be in the segment. I'm not sure when it will be on, but it's supposed to be sometime next week. Since I'm going to be out of the country, anyone want to tape it for me?