An Exodus of Confidence: "Although Exodus will not say what portion of its Web-hosting network is now in use, many analysts estimate it is less than 50 percent. 'It comes down to two words,' said Adams Harkness & Hill analyst Alex Arnold, offering his own take on Exodus' troubles. 'Capacity utilization.'" Not good news. Speaking from my own anecdotal observations, their capacity utlization at the data center we're at is dropping like a stone. Every time I've gone in there in the last few months, it's more and more baren. Computers are disappearing. Racks are emptying. Whole cages are clearing out. Scary. Especially since Exodus is in the confidence business. People pay them the big bucks to rest easy that their servers are protected. As word gets out that they're in trouble, it's hard to rest easy. Then you hear at a party, like I did Saturday night, that other people have started to have problems with their service (conjecture: because of their layoffs). Et cetera.