Got space? Speaking of deals, since it turns out I'm not moving my home after all (and, thus, having an extra room in which to work), I am somewhat (but not urgently or particularly actively—yet) in the market for office space. I don't feel like signing a lease at this point, though, as good as I hear the deals are, as I don't need much space at all or really have long-term or ambitious enough plans at this point (though, with me, that can change frequently) to warrant it. So, if you're in San Francisco* and have an extra corner or something in your office where you'd like to host (and by "host," I don't mean for free—you know, unless you insist**) the headquarters of the once-and-future mighty, Pyra Labs for a while, please email me (ev AT pyra DOT com).

* Would also consider New York, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and other interesting destinations for a periodic stint, although, living accommodations would also then necessarily be sought.

**Would also consider trade. Let's see: Free Blogger use? Um...or something better, yet to be determined.