I have very little to say these days. But lots to do. Here's a new Evhead design, nonetheless. The machine this site was on (along with lots of others) somehow got completely hosed between the Pyra office connection biting the dust and me getting the box back. The data looks to be OK, so it's just a matter of reinstalling an OS or transferring the hard drives elsewhere. But, meanwhile, there is no non-Blogger-published Evhead content, scripts, or designs. The only really annoying thing about that is my previous format for permalinks isn't working on this install -- so lots of links will break. I'll have to fix that at some point, as well. Like I said, lots to do. And I wasn't even going to bother with this site until I got many more businessy things done. But I figured hey, it's Friday, time to party. (Just kidding. When I was in Europe, I told myself I wouldn't be such a nerd. Have a bit of work to do on that.) Now it's Saturday morning. Time to sleep.