In related news: Because of dot-com bust, laid-off high-tech workers are ending up in homeless shelters: "John Sacrosante, who earned more than $100,000 a year as a free-lance database engineer, spent his 39th birthday last week with the 'brothers' he met at the church shelter where he has been living." Wow, that's insane. And its, surprisingly, not an isolated case: "Nearly 30 unemployed tech workers are among the 100 men at the Montgomery Street Inn and other shelters in San Jose..." But you gotta love this: "There's an only-in-Silicon Valley twist to his story: Sacrosante and three other former high-tech workers who met at the shelter are launching a start-up business that will resell wearable mobile computing systems. Sacrosante said he will use some of the funding he secured for the venture to rent a house." Homeless people got funded!