JoHoHo! While waiting for servers to do things late last night (and with brain too tired to code), I got time to read actual, like, longer web stuff. Here's my unordered list of hyperlinks to follow (when I get time) from the latest Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization, always fun and full of good stuff:

  • Small Pieces Loosely Joined Sampler. Excerpts from David's new, in-the-works book.
  • Why Bother?: "In the 80s a Californian called Stephen Greenblatt wrote a book which made historians re-think the whole of the Renaissance. It was called 'Renaissance Self-Fashioning,' and showed how the courtier's role was an elaborate construction of a 'self' through writing, dress, behaviour and the commissioning of art."
  • DNS hosting. (I've got some research to do about UltraDNS when I get a chance. Yowzers, the bill!)

There's more than links in the JOHO, though. You really need to at least skim it yourself.