Regarding the Smart Tag/Blog*Spot item, Dave wrote, "I was surprised and pleased to see Evan do this. He had commented earlier that he'd wait and see. Well I guess he didn't wait very long. Very nice." The reason I did it is because yesterday, I turned Smart Tags on on a page that had code snippets on it, and every instance of the word TRUE (when in all-caps as is often the case when writing code) was highlighted because it's a stock symbol. That struck me as bad. Not to mention stupid and much more confusing to the user than helpful. Linking obvious trademarks with basically only one meaning, like "American Express," I can see the argument for (I'm not saying it's a good idea), but when it happens on everyday words that have a million meanings, that's trouble. Oddly, as I look at this page now with Smart Tags on, TRUE isn't highlighted, but American Express is, so I haven't quite figured out the logic. Anyway, in general, I'm still waiting and seeing, but the threat is clear; I thought I'd do at least this one easy thing.