There was no message. Mathowie (5/23/01): "The network host for Pyra's offices, FirstWorld/Sirius has cancelled the connection. They're no longer in the business of selling T-1 lines. They apparently emailed Ev to warn him last month this change would happen, but since he never reads his damn mail he must have missed it."

He's right, I never read my damn email. However, there was no message. FirstWorld/Sirius finally called me (actually, a salesperson from there called to sell me hosting), and we figured out what happened. He admitted they screwed up. I've been keeping quiet about it, because I was actually considering legal action. But that's just so unfun, even when you have been screwed. (Though some people seem to enjoy it — even when they haven't.)

By the way, in case you do want to send me something anyway, I still have no @evhead or @blogger mail. I just haven't gotten around to putting up a new server. I thought it would bounce and people would figure it out, but apparently these mails have been getting lost in the ether for the last couple weeks, so try me