To infinity and beyond. Browsing my bookshelf just now, I found a book entitled, Technology 2001: The Future of Computing and Communications. It's from MIT Press in 1991. I had the following passage highlighted: "The 1990s will become the decade of the on-line enterprise. In the 21-century, on-line technology will be as commonplace as the telephone and the personal computer are today." Well, sorta. It would be interesting to read this book and see what has and hasn't come to pass. Not just to laugh at the prognostications with our superior 20/20 hindsight (though that would be fun, like the part about the imminent importance of ISDN in the near future and the serious bandwidth to come right after that), but also as a study of how even the smartest people thinking about this stuff can be so uncertain about where it's going. (Or maybe they're right more than wrong, I dunno. I haven't really dug into it.)