From the people who brought you XBurn: "Welcome to Three Blind Dates, the dating site where you are guaranteed three online dates [for $19.95]. Too shy to ask someone out? Don't know what to talk about? Sick of being single? We can help. If you can agree to go out on three blind dates, we can arrange them for you." And if you're feeling uncertain, there's good advice in their FAQ:

What do I say during an online date?

Most importantly, be polite. Three Blind Dates is not the place for crass language or sexual suggestions. We take reports of that sort of thing very seriously. Introduce yourself. Ask your date about their interests, their life. Tell them about your own likes and dislikes. Be friendly and cordial, as you would want them to be. Be honest. Pursue any interesting conversation that comes up. As you communicate, your level of interest and trust will grow.