I only met Frank Willison once, and briefly, since he worked out of the Cambridge office, and I in Sebastopol (and a short while, at that). But I noticed that mentions of him were always filled with obvious respect. The quotes on this
are wonderful. For example:

You know what I hate? It's all the 'My' stuff these days. Hailstorm has MyProfile, MyNotifications, MyContacts (I lose them all the time), MyWallet, MyUsage. . . Please! I'm not a three year-old or a Jack Russell Terrier. I'm not mesmerized by the first person singular possessive pronoun. I know that if it's in Hailstorm it's not mine; Microsoft has it and charges me to use it. I'm old-fashioned; I keep MyWallet in MyPants, next to MyAss. And guess what you can do, MyCrosoft?

I wish I'd known him.