More on hair.

Bill writes in with a pointer to Hairstyles and Attitudes, which, though I'm not familiar with it, seems to be a charming little ditty from Timbuk3, who at one time had a very bright future:

Hairstyles and attitudes,

Are they connected?

Are styles we embrace a matter of taste,

Or values rejected?

Hairstyles and attitudes,

How do they relate?

How well do we use the freedom to choose

The illusions we create?

And it's easy to see why. Speaking of bouffants, Bulbous Bouffant by the Vestibules is one of the best things to listen to. Ever. Caterina found this somewhere and played it for me once, and I loved it, but never knew where it came from. Neither did she, apparently. Anyway, you can follow that link Or you can find it by searching Google. And you must.

Also? I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. Maybe all of them, I haven't decided.