my new view
Moving on up. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very excited to announce a breakthrough in the Evhead Workstation Location project. I am typing this from my new desk, courtesy of the nice folks at BigStep. BigStep is graciously providing me with a desk and connection for a little while, so I could get out from under my bed and work in a more (hopefully) productive environment. I got a few other offers, which were very enticing, but this is the perfect solution for now. For one thing, it doesn't involve moving. In fact, it's a 15-minute walk from my apartment, in the middle of lots of great restaurants and bars, and a cool space with a great view. Also, there are, like, people around and stuff. Which is nice. Sitting here, I feel like the new guy who just started a new job. Except, I don't have to do anything. Actually, I have to do a lot of things, just not with these people. And I don't get paid like I had a new job. But did I mention the view?