4:45 AM? Argh. So I'm back on a vampire's schedule. Or, more accurately, no schedule at all. Damn. I went down to Exodus for the first time in months to try and install a new hard drive (among other things) because people just keep dumping data into the system at an unbelievable rate. The upgrades didn't go as planned (I'm so not a hardware guy), but it wasn't a total loss. Walking home, at 2 AM, inspired by the fresh summertime air, and feeling like putting in some more work, since I took a nap (after being up half last night) this afternoon/evening, I uncharacteristically stopped and bought a Happy Donut and coffee. I didn't finish the donut, but the large coffee and Messiah in the headphones pushed me through finishing up a major new Blogger API method. Now it's 5 am. It's Blogger's birthday. I haven't done email today (actually, I caught up on some old stuff this morning, but didn't respond to anything fresh). And I'm rambling. Am I anxious? Usually. But I'm pursuing inner peace. And I'm making progress.