I think a good job for those geneticists—and there's no doubt they're working on this—would be to make a banana that ripens more slowly. I like bananas. They're one of the few fruits that are not messy to prepare and eat. But, damn, you buy a bunch of bananas, and you have like 60 seconds to eat them before they go bad. If you're like my mom—most moms, probably—you have a much wider window for which a banana is at a perfectly acceptable level of ripeness. But my window is very small. Just think of all the bananas that go bad before they're sold. And think how much more often people would buy bananas if you just had a little more time with them once you got them home. But then, there is probably an evolutionary reason bananas ripen at the speed they do. But then, it probably just serves bananas, not us, so screw that.