NOTE: Apparently, Cam didn't discover the book Fast Food Nation, as was reported below (even though I was just trying to say he pointed me to the excerpt). You see, this book has sold a lot of copies, and therefore everyone knows all about it. I apologize for suggesting otherwise. I wanted to make this clear because I got some useful notes about the post below from an anonymous reader:

Why the fuck are you blogging about \'fast food nation\'? And then you credit it to camworld like they discovered the book?? Who the hell hasn\'t at least heard of \'fast food nation\' if they havn\'t read it already? It\'s old news EV!!!! It\'s a best fucking seller!!!! God you\'re lucky you\'re EV \'pyra god\' because if your blog depended on actual content you would be shit out of luck. I don\'t know if you\'re lacking sleep or if you\'re paying too much attention to that \'cute\' girl but please at least think of getting your head out of your ass the next time you post something so \'groundbreaking\'.

It's nice to get feedback. Sometimes you just put stuff out there and never know how people feel about it. The Internet, after all, is about connecting with people. I will certainly take this person's advice to heart and, from now on, work harder in generating only the most original, timely, and \'groundbreakding\' content -- even though I don't have to, because I am \'pyra god\'. After all, I owe it to fans like this. Thanks.