Public but not. Poking around at some Blogger stats just now, I found that there are approximately 30% as many active Blogger blogs that are non-public as there are public ones. That doesn't mean the site is necessarily password-or-otherwise-protected in any way, since we don't control the servers in most cases (and don't offer that option yet on Blog*Spot). It just means we don't link to it—include it in Recently Updated, directories, cross-blog searches, etc. Nonetheless, I figured this meant that a significant number of people were using Blogger for private journals, intranet publishing, and other not-for-public-consumption stuff. But looking at a bunch of these URLs, apparently the vast majority of these blogs actually are publicly accessible. In fact, most of them look just like other Blogger sites. They're just run by people who don't want to publish on World Wide Web, but don't particularly want readers, I guess. I can't blame them.