Rebuilding The Food Pyramid: "The USDA's Food Guide Pyramid is 'built on shaky scientific ground' and distorted by the department's mission to promote agriculture." No kidding! It's amazing that people supposedly don't trust the government but the vast majority of Americans never question basic and biased bullshit like this that tremendously affects their daily lives and the health of their children. "'There's an inherent problem with the USDA creating the pyramid,' Dr. Willett says. 'The economic interests are so strong — and beef and dairy are the most powerful — that I think it's impossible for the USDA to say that people should limit red meat consumption or limit dairy products to one or two servings a day. It's very difficult for them to be objective, so it's probably the worst possible agency to do the pyramid.'" Isn't it amazing that we all learn in school what is healthy not from those who's job it is to make us healthy, but by those whose job it is to bolster the beef and dairy industries (among others)? And it's news that someone is questioning this. <via rebecca>