Scripting News:

As Microsoft's reps acknowledged last week, there's no room in their plan for independent developers. In their vision of the software ecosystem, you have to get a job working at a BigCo if you want to make software.

The possibilities for abuse are fantastic. Microsoft may send a bill to UserLand, but not to Blogger, perhaps because I say things about them here that they don't like, and Evan sticks to lighter themes.

By the way, I only stick to lighter themes (especially lately) because I don't feel qualified to speak of much else, but this is very scary, indeed. And maddening. I'm quickly moving out of the Microsoft development environment (just as their server-side platform is getting much better)—not only because I now know other things (I've never been a hard-core techie; I worked with what I had and learned as I went along.), but, increasingly, because of crap like this. I can't invest in Microsoft anymore. I don't think Sun is morally superior (I'm mostly using Java on Linux now), but at least I don't feel so dirty.