Time for a change? I've heard from a couple people that Eudora has the Reply to All in Folder feature I'm wishing for—or something close. It may be time to check that out again. I used to change email software regularly, since I'm always dissatisfied with whatever I'm using. It's been a couple years now (except for Outlook upgrades; I'm currently running the XP, or 10, or 2002, whatever they're calling it, beta; not much improvement)—not because I'm satisfied, but because it's a pain in the butt. But also kinda fun. In a geeky way. I actually only started using Outlook because we were getting into the PIM/Project Management market (sorta—that's what Pyra was originally about), and I wanted to know how the market leader's stuff worked and to integrate with it. I've heard Microsoft's new Mac email client is cool. But that doesn't do me a lot of good. I have a Mac, but my email needs to run on my laptops and my main desktop. I know there is, sadly, not much happening in terms of email client innovation, but is there anything else worth checking out?