Valley Talk: "I was sitting in a review meeting with [Priceline] CEO Rick Braddock. He wanted to know why his one-size-fits-all business model wasn't selling more cars. 'This is a sausage machine,' he said. 'You put stuff in at the top of the machine, you crank the handle, and out comes a sausage.'" Damn, that makes you feel sorry for them having to suffer through the whole dot-com-crash thing, doesn't it? That and, of course, their patent shit. Then again, it all depends on what you consider "suffering." Actually, they just posted their first profit and, "[Founder, Jay] Walker, whose Priceline holdings once were valued at as much as $10 billion, has received about $426 million in total for the company shares he has sold, according to Thomson Financial/First Call, which tracks insider sales," according to The Journal. Damn.