I was just over at Scripting News, and I ran into someone I know (well, "know" on the web). How fun! The key was accessing it through this link which uses Quek. "Quek is a simple chat application that runs on top of our website." Quek is built on something even more interesting: "We have developed a small application framework that makes it possible for browsers to send each other messages. People visiting the same page (or different pages) can be made aware of each other....The framework itself is capable of doing a lot more. We can now quite easily build websites containing live data: data that is refreshed instantly after it changes. Or we can build live discussion groups: alive and interactive, just like real discussions" Sounds a lot like KnowNow, actually. Caveats: Everybody is linking to this today, so their servers are kind of over loaded, and there's a limit on users, so you may have to try back. Also, if you're using anything other than IE6 on Win your mileage may vary. Nonetheless, what a joy it is to see something new, and clever, and fun. Remember when that used to be a daily occurrence on the Internet?