It's showtime again. Yesterday, I went down to Moscone to the Web2001 Show. Right when I got there, I was grabbed for what I guess was a scheduled interview on CNET Radio. I remembered agreeing to do one, but never heard a specific time (I'll admit, that's likely due to my lack of email activity the last couple days). As luck would have it, it happened to be right when I walked in, and I ran into the person looking for me. Then I participated in the "Developer Smackdown," an interesting twist on the panel concept in which two developers debate one technology versus another. I argued for content management systems, while Web Techniques editor, Amit Asaravala, played the devil's advocate and argued the other way. After that, I went to Maggeh's birds-of-a-feather session on blogging, which was mostly attended by people who had no idea what a blog was. So we tried to explain the concept, despite technical difficulties limiting our ability to show examples. Then, it was straight to the speaker's party at the Marriot, where I saw many people I hadn't talked to since Web2000. And, despite the inability these days for Internet people to ever get together and not talk about how things aren't like they used to be, much festiveness ensued. Fun day. The conference lasts through tomorrow, so I'll probably go back over there at some point, but first I must attend to some things—like my dreaded inbox and the problems it will reveal to me.