Dear Natara People:

Hi. I've heard good things about the Natara Bonsai Outliner and would like to try it out, but when I try to install it, I get "hotsync manager must be installed." I understand that Bonsai is a Palm app, but from what I understand, there is also a Windows desktop version it synchs with. I'm only interested in the desktop version. It seems like there might be a (much larger?) potential user base that is interested in a to-do outliner on the desktop that doesn't necessarily use a Palm device. Is there a non-obvious reason for not supporting this option?


(I installed HotSync anyway so I could try out Bonsai. Perhaps it'll give me a reason to start using my Palm again? What I really want is Pyra-the-Product [or, an improved version of it], but I don't even have an installation of that running.)