Maggie has never seen a female cab driver in San Francisco. I've seen a female cab driver in San Francisco at least twice. Once was just a couple weeks ago. I took a cab to an appointment because the bus didn't show up. The ride was about $5. I gave her a $10, which was all I had, and she didn't have any change. I told her to just take the $10, but she wouldn't hear of it. She finally found a couple dollars in quarters in her purse. The other time was a ride back from The Violent Femmes concert at The Fillmore a year or two ago. The Femmes can still jam, by the way. At least it seemed that way to us old duffers, who are probably the only people likely to go see them. I don't think I've ever called myself an old duffer before. Hmm... Anyway, I remember that cab driver, because she was attractive and charming, and I thought, wow, it'd be kinda cool to date a cab driver. Ya know, since I don't have a car.