Rave non. I didn't win an award last night, as expected. Ang Lee took home the Cultural Innovator award, as well as Most Wired Director. Well, not literally "took home," of course, because he wasn't there. I say "as expected" not out of false modesty—I, of course, should have won ;-)—but out of pratical logic. Judges picked the nominees, but Wired readers (and web voters) picked the winners. Crouching Tiger was huge. In comparison, Blogger is unknown. Who do you think is going to win, no matter what the category? Besides, Ang Lee rocks. It truly was an honor to be nominated.

It was an okay party. A bit too crowded with big-company types, which made mingling exhausting. It sorta took me back to 1999 with the free drinks and the pretty people actually somehow involved in technology. Most of the pretty people probably worked at Wired, or were their friends, but it lent the party a nice aesthetic. The actual awards presentation was the most painless I've ever seen. The entire thing consised of a brief speech by the Wired publisher, and then a five-minute video where they announced the winners. Seems like the right way to do it when you're (mostly) awarding companies and products, not people that the audience cares about. I almost mentioned this to Tiffany Schlain when I was talking to her afterwards, but caught myself. That would have been awkward—"...except for The Webbys, of course! Those are perfect!" (and they are, really, way better than most).

Got a solid alluminum cube necklace. Got to meet Dimitry and Stewart Brand. Got to see Dave win. Is that enough name-dropping? Okay, I'll stop. All in all, not bad.

Today, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Slept for 12 hours. Feel like I could sleep for several more. I've had something creeping up on me. I don't actually feel that horrible, but I have a low tolerance for feeling horrible at all. Perhaps because I "never" get sick (except, of course, when I do). Ugh. Too much to do to be sick.