Rave on (oh shoot, I already used that one). Off to the biggest tech awards show nobody knows about—aka, the Wired Rave Awards—shortly. According to Paul, and from the looks of things, they've toned down the event due to Recent Events. Kinda like the Emmy's, but not quite so drastically. Apparently no one feels right throwing extravagant bashes celebrating trivial (in proper perspective) things. (Not that the Cultural Innovator category is trivial, of course!) It's usually an "awards gala" (Beck played last year—damn!), which is what the site still says. But it's now just a "private cocktail reception" benefiting the Red Cross. Nonetheless, should be a fun schmoozefest. Dave is up for Tech Renegade, and, unlike myself, has a shot, which is cool. And my friend Angus is going to represent Jim Romenesko, which will make this, if he wins, the second time I've attended an awards show with the acceptor on behalf of Jim. Good enough for me.