A worthwhile break. I'd been in heads-down development mode for several days when I stopped yesterday to talk briefly with Fast Company's Heath Row, who's on a road show from Vancouver to Mexico City, traveling all the way down the West coast. Twelve hours later, I was home again. Heath is a surprisingly cool, stand-up, ex-zinester/punk-rocker guy (who happens to be a Blogger user, as well). Thanks to him, I also got to meet and hang out with the KaosPilots, who have just landed in San Francisco for three months. The KaosPilots is a fascinating "university" in Denmark and a group of very cool young people who I am jealous of having such an opportunity (and because they're all so damn good-looking). It's times like this when I stop working that I'm reminded why I work so hard. Also, I'm not well-adjusted. Sometimes, I feel blessed.