Exit us. Cable & Wireless to Buy Exodus Assets for $850 Million. I wasn't too scared that Exodus was going to go away—despite the scare-tactic pitches I've received daily from Exodus competitors since they declared bankruptcy. I expected their significant assets would not go unpurchased. But now that somewhat more of a future has been assured, we're moving away from them anyway.
I've been in the process of renegotiating our contract, since we're using far more bandwidth these days, and the prices they're giving me are not even in the ballpark of the rest of the market. When called on this, the salesperson states flatly, and arrogantly, that if "all I want" is the lowest price, I should go elsewhere, because that's not what they're about. As if I'm some sort of low-life for price being one factor in the equation—when it's three times what I would pay elsewhere. And, what's more, without saying what they are about that not everyone else would claim (service, blah, blah, blah...). Now, I'm sure a lot of this is because I'm a total small-fry in their world, when they're dealing with customers like Yahoo and Microsoft. But we've been a pretty much hassle-free and (I would assume) not-unprofitable customer for over a year. We've quadrupled our monthly bill in that time. And we're obviously still growing rapidly (not something all their customers could claim). You'd think, in these times, they'd be doing what they can to hold on to whatever customers they have. Instead, they've gone and pissed me off. Whereas, I would have paid significantly above market rates to stay there, just to save the hassle of moving and because I've been happy with their facilities and service, I'm now moving and talking bad about them in public. So sad.

Addendum: As long as I'm bitching about them, I'll mention that their "my.exodus.net" intranet application bites big time. It could have made a difference in a positive way. Instead, it's a frustrating mess.