No one is to blame. I got told tonight that I look like a brunette Howard Jones. People always think I look like someone, but it's never the same person. Except in college, then it was Matt Cashore. If you went to Pius X high school in Lincoln, Nebraska, 1986-90 or so, you'll swear I'm Matt Cashore. Other than that, though, it's usually a different person. And tonight was the first time I'd heard Howard Jones, which a couple people agreed wholeheartedly about. Which is funny, since last night was 80's night (in addition to lesbian night), and I've had '80s music in my head all day. Anyway, what do you think?:
Howard. Me. (Or is it the other way around? Spooky, huh? The crazy thing is, I didn't even pose for this shot, it was just in my collection.)