Wired News: Lindows: Linux meets Windows: "Wine is only a part of the overall Lindows compatibility layer, Robertson said. The rest will come from software developed in-house. While Wine, a volunteer project, has been eight years in development, Robertson thinks he can get a Windows compatibility layer fully functional by putting some money behind it." Sounds like something I might like, but, unfortunately, I agree with the analyst in the article that it has little chance of succeeding, wide-scale, in the marketplace. "'We think this is one of the big impediments to people embracing Linux,' said Robertson. 'They have a big investment in Windows software and don't want to leave it behind. With Lindows OS, they won't have to. You can install the Windows software and it behaves exactly as it would on their Windows machine.'" First, it's hard to believe it will run "exactly" as it would on Windows. Little differences and make big user-experience differences. Secondly, I believe the main reason all but a tiny fraction of people don't switch to Linux is because they don't know why in the hell they should.